Question and Answer System (IR) in Beta

My target is to build a system that can accept a story and then able to give the answer of the question against the story.
I have used gensim and tfidf to achieve this goal. Also used some text similarity matrix as well for the task. I have got a decent accuracy on this when question are straight forward. However the main challenge is related to the sentence boundary detection on which I am still working. Next I will use core nlp module to convert sentences to the answer format(this part I am still working)

You will find it here:…

Please give your suggestion how can I improve on this and what other thing I need to do. If you have any better approach pleas share.

Do post here your experience and let me know about the model.

Note: Make sentence boundary well defined using .(full stop) then you will get best results.

Have fun 🙂

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