YOUR AI DECODER RING (A brief introduction to key terms)

Artificial intelligence
The development of computers capable of tasks that typically require human intelligence.
Machine learning
Using example data or experience to refine how computers make predictions or perform a task.
Deep learning
A machine learning technique in which data is filtered through self-adjusting networks of math loosely inspired by neurons in the brain.
Supervised learning
Showing software labeled example data, such as photographs, to teach a computer what to do.
Unsupervised learning
Learning without annotated examples, just from experience of data or the world—trivial for humans but not generally practical for machines. Yet.
Reinforcement learning
Software that experiments with different actions to figure out how to maximize a virtual reward, such as scoring points in a game.
Artificial general intelligence
As yet nonexistent software that displays a human like ability to adapt to different environments and tasks, and transfer knowledge between them.

Happy Learning

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