My Data Science/Machine Learning Job Interview Experience : List of DS/ML/DL Questions

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Machine Learning in Action

Beginning this year, I had been taking interviews for a job change in Data Science (DS)/Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL) field in India. In the process of 30-40 days of job hunt, I took interviews in about 8-10 companies inclusive of start-ups, services based and product based in nature. I believe, It would help job seekers; hence I decided to blog post my experience and what I learned along the way.

A bit of introduction first, I have 4+ years of experience in machine learning and its applications in field of speech analytics, text analytics and image analytics. Somehow, in general I felt that most of the job positions in this area revolve around text analytics (Natural language processing) followed by image analytics (Computer vision). There are very few companies pursuing speech/audio analytics. Having 5 years of experience, I was looking for a mid-level senior position where I can lead…

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