My name is Abhishek Bisht

I’m a curious software engineer who found his passion in software world as machine learning engineer.  I am IBM Certified Watson Developer and Deep Learning practitioner.

I had work on salesforce and I am 4X certified salesforce developer.

My interests are wide and spread across various fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Azure services, IBM Watson Services,Inventive thinking.  However I found a deep interest in the field of Chatbot development and Natural language processing.

Contact details:
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Below are some of my work in this field :

Developer of the @Wiki_bot: A Facebook messenger bot that can answer user queries using NLP. It is power by nlp engine.

Developer of the @railbot12: A Facebook messenger bot that can give you instant information on your PNR number.

Develop a Chatbot services using Azure search Service  and implement this service to find out the relevant document from Azure Storage based on the user query.

Develop a Chatbot services using Python and Salesforce integration to retrieve the relevant document from Salesforce, based on the user query.

Develop a chatbot that uses Conversation and Discovery service from IBM Watson to give relevant information to the user queries

Develop a NLP COMPREHEND service , it is based on tfidf and similarity matrix. It try to find out the relevant information from the story, based on to the user query . It is available on under demo menu. This system will predict the top 3 answer for your question from the story.

Develop a TAG GENERATOR service , It generate the tags from the text. so that we know ,what the text is mainly talking about. It is based on text rank and important keyword extraction. It is available on under demo menu. This system will generate top 5 tags from the the story.

Develop TEXT SUMMARIZE service, It generate the summary of a given text.It is available on under demo menu. This system will generate summary from the text under 10 sentences from the the story.

Develop PREDICT GENDER service, It tries to predict the gender from the first name(Indian Names). It is develop using the Microsoft ML studio and Model is fully built on Azure ML studio and exported as a web service. This model is train on Indian names, with the accuracy of 80%. It is available on under demo menu.

Information Extraction from documents, Our target is to build a hybrid system with the help of NLP and Deep learning that can extract key information from the documents. We have used different machine learning and deep-learning algorithms to extract the entities from documents in combine with NLP(Stanford)

Object detection from document, Computer Vision based Stamp Localization and Handwritten Signature Identification using Tensorflow object detection API
We have design the solution for this problem to keep in mind that it is an object localization problem. Here the object will be the Stamp or Handwritten Signature .It can be present anywhere in the image and our model need to locate the object in an image.

This is my git hub profile you can find more information about my work here:


Building Deep Learning Applications with Keras 2.0 (
Building and Deploying Deep Learning Applications with TensorFlow(

Deep Learning Specialization
1-Neural Networks and Deep Learning
2-Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and      Optimization
3-Structuring Machine Learning Projects
4-Convolutional Neural Networks
5-Sequence Models

Deep Learning Fundamentals(IBM Cognitive Class)
Deep Learning with Tensor Flow(IBM Cognitive Class)
Build Your Own Chatbot(IBM Cognitive Class)
Blockchain Essentials(IBM Cognitive Class)
Machine Learning with Python(IBM Cognitive Class)
IBM Certified Application Developer – Watson V3

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Administrator

ISTQB(International Software Testing Qualifications Board)

I am going to post my blogs on botfactory related to my work in this field, So stay tuned to botfactory for my latest post. Hope it will interest you.

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“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”- Steve Jobs