Life beyond Earth
There are 100 billion planets in our galaxy and only one, as far as we know, with intelligent life . The search for life on other planets has been hampered by the fact that we’ve only explored Earth for the last 15 years . We are trying to figure out how we got there. We’re trying to look at whether we have evolved into something else or whether we were part of the same civilization, so that might be one explanation. If we are a different kind of life form, it might have been created as part of a different civilization. It wasn’t that the worm evolved to be a clockwork worm. The worm’s existence hinges on conditions that existed very long ago. The discovery of life on another planet is cause for celebration, and perhaps concern that we humans are the cause of its absence here. It isn’t necessarily what we are looking for. It’s still going on. It is not necessarily what to look for, it’s not what we’re looking for, but what to do? It’s a good one to think about this. It may be something in between—a conglomeration of life? It may have been a conglomeration. It might be an alien being or a microbes? Or will it be a plant or microbes? We’re looking at it? It might not be an intelligent being? It is a good thing to think of it. It doesn’t be