NER Demo

I have build a NER model that can tag JobTitles from Job Description..

NER is one of the newest and most exciting fields in NLP, allowing us to  find Custom entities  in text. This can be apply to any use case where we want to tag some useful information.

USE CASE: This model automatically tag  Job Title  in the given Job Description.

Below You can find some of the example where model did the automatic job title tagging from Job Descriptions.

How to run the demo:

1- Click the below link:

2- Fill the text box with a job description from which you want to tag the job title..

3-Select the task from drop down as “Job Title”.

4- Press submit button.

5- If model find entity in the job description then that will be shown in the end.

Take some time and play with it. Do post here your experience and feedback and what you feel about model.

I Will write a complete blog post on how I did it. Till then Happy Coding.

Have fun

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